Why you should teach children to love reading

The students’ devotion to the series paid off. In sixth grade, before they began reading Harry Potter, nearly all tested at least a grade below their expected reading level. After two years of popular material and listening to books on tape, more than half the class was up to grade level in reading ability. Success stories such as this beg … Read More

Another Comma Made History

In the United States, laws on some matters vary widely from state to state. This makes life interesting, and lawyers fat, as taking each other to court—often over obscure differences—seems to be almost a national pastime. This story is about an Oxford comma; it’s the name for the last comma in a list; the comma before the ‘and’ or ‘or’. … Read More

Do you obsess about your health, weight or fitness?

Here is an experiment to try: Log in to your banking account. Check how much money you have. Now log out, then back in, and check your balance again. Repeat this a few more times. I’m willing to bet my money that your money did not change as a result of multiple checks. And the point of this experiment? It’s … Read More

Do you have a plan for your life?

No doubt you have read an article or watched a documentary about someone who has become successful despite his or her upbringing. The Self Help ‘industry’ is full of ‘rags to riches’ stories. You’ve read them: tales about individuals who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks yet ‘began their lives again’— something triggered an uncommon reaction, causing … Read More

How to Write like a Real Journalist

According to Stepp, there are only nine guidelines to observe. “You can only make one real point in a 10-inch story. And you can’t use two quotes from the same person,” says Adell Crowe, standards and development editor at USA Today, where they know something about short news items. So says writing coach Roy Peter Clark, the Poynter Institute’s vice … Read More