Creative Writing

Sixteen tutorials show you how to write short stories, long stories, novella, non-fiction stories, personal journal, biography, someone’s life story, stories for children, plays, poetry.

In one year you’ll learn about all* these ways to be a creative writer.

When you graduate with your diploma (graduates may put DipCW after their name) you’ll be ready to specialise in the genre where you’ll concentrate your future writing career. Everything is included in the course fee.


(Time payment option over 12 months. $300 deposit gets you started.)

*There is also a CREATIVE WRITING SHORT COURSE. (Intensive 50 days. Five tutorials with five assignments. Code WFB). The short course focuses solely on writing short stories. Short Course fee $1099. Your best stories will be put on Amazon for you, so you earn the royalties.

Put your name details in the boxes below and the CRW prospectus will download as an email. It gives you complete information on the Creative Writing course.

The Enrolment Application is contained within the download and is also available online. Please call if you have any questions. Toll Free: 0800 80 1994 International: +64 9 272 3974.