newspapers_1_NZIf you have some basic writing skills already, you can become: a non-fiction writer, ebooks author, and/or freelance journalist reporter – all within a year. This training course will teach you how to become a paid writer. Graduates will have the skills to work in journalism, or write at home as a freelance author. The choice is yours. Call 0800-801994 and let’s chat about your aspirations and options.


Freelance Journalism is about writing non-fiction. When you’re a trained non-fiction writer and you want extra cash, you simply write something informative (we show you how) and send it to a newspaper, magazine, website or blog (… maybe even start your own blog), and uploading your ebooks on Amazon is the ultimate path to earning a passive income!


We teach the most widely acclaimed journalism and non-fiction writing course in New Zealand.


Why are some writers more financially successful than others? Because they know how to go about it. The world of media in the 21st Century has changed!Newspapers, magazines and websites require freshly written articles every day. Each one offers a unique opportunity for freelance writers to earn money.

This course will teach you how to write like a professional – You CAN earn money writing at home.

Are you interested in: Food? Travel? Music? Technology? Write about what you know. The Freelance Journalism & Non-Fiction writing course shows you how to develop ideas and turn them into published articles along with teaching you the business aspects of writing too.

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“If you want something you’ve never had before, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done before.” 

Peter Drucker, business coach.