This training course introduces you to the exciting world of being a paid travel writer and freelance photojournalist where you’ll learn how to earn money while you travel. Or you can stay home and write about where you live for local or foreign newspapers, blogs, websites and travel magazines.


Editors of travel related books, magazines and websites rely on freelance travel writers like YOU to supply this travel material. Words and photos. Think about this: every month they need FRESH and up-to-date travel material. Someone has to write it. Someone gets paid for writing it.

YOU can become that person.

This training course shows you how to write for this huge worldwide market. If you’re a keen (but novice) writer or amateur photographer, you’ll soon learn how to become a part-time travel writer and travel photographer. It’s a great second income earner.

This course shows you how to get fresh ideas for travel stories. You’ll learn how to turn ideas into articles and features that get published. You’ll see YOUR NAME in the byline. When they are published, you get paid. How much depends on where they appear.

You’ll learn the business aspects of selling your COPY to foreign editors. Get paid in NZ$, UK£, US$ etc.

Being a ‘foreign correspondent’ is fun. This is when a faraway editor asks you to write 500 words or so about something that’s happening right where you live. You might review an art exhibition, visiting concert or show. Maybe try a new travel service. Travel writers don’t have to travel away from home all the time.

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The Enrolment Application is contained within the download and is also available online. Please call if you have any questions. Toll Free: 0800 80 1994 International: +64 9 272 3974.