If you enjoy reading romances and love stories, this is the best and only romance writing course you need. It shows you – the novice writer – how to develop from romance novel reader to romance novel writer. The journey takes about a year.

RomanceBy the time you graduate, your first romance story should be completed. Then you can write more novels. Independent publishing on Amazon Kindle, Smashwords or Lulu is now an exciting option. You’ll earn royalties from your writing!

Each of the nine romance writing tutorials teaches you something new and exciting. Your personal tutor will guide you every step of the way with constructive advice as you move through the learning to write process.

If you have made a start at writing a novel and given up in frustration, welcome back. New writers should not struggle alone. Just follow the steps prepared for you – as you would a road map.

ROMIn this romance writing course (home study) you’ll discover all kinds of romance writing: historical, medical, fantasy and a dozen other genre. There are romance stories for young lovers and for those who find love in their golden years. Every successful writer was once a complete beginner – a novice, just like you.

They had to learn the fundamentals of their profession. Jane Austen learned how to write from private tutors. Frederick Forsyth switched from journalism to fiction. You choose which age group you will write for.

JK Rowling got ideas from her classics degree.

John Grisham’s legal background enabled him to write believable courtroom dramas.You decide whether to set your stories in a New Zealand setting or in some foreign location. Let your own life experiences provide believable descriptions of the situations you write about.

If you’ve ever been in love, you’re qualified to write about romance.

Download the Romance Writing Course prospectus because it gives you complete information, including details on tuition fees.

The Romance Writing Course teaches you all you need to know about how to start writing your first novel.

The Enrolment Application is contained within the download and is also available online. Please call if you have any questions. Toll Free: 0800 80 1994 International: +64 9 272 3974.