If you READ short stories, this writing course shows you, the novice writer, (or developing writer who may lack confidence), how to develop from story reader to story writer.

Your journey takes about a year, but you can go faster. By the time you graduate you should have a collection of short stories completed. Some could be up to story magazines quality. Or ezines. (They both mean you can receive royalty payments.)

Independent self-publishing on Amazon Kindle, Smashwords and Lulu are exciting new options for today’s writers. One good story can produce a passive income for 50 years.

Each of the eight tutorials teaches you something new and exciting. Your personal tutor will guide you with constructive feedback and helpful advice as you progress through the course. This is fun, not drudgery. It’s healthy mental stimulation.

Keen readers make the best new writers. If you have made a start at writing short stories and given up in frustration, welcome back. No new writer should struggle alone. Just follow the steps prepared for you, as you would a road map.

In this course you’ll learn how to write all kinds of stories. There are hundreds of magazines and publishers looking for new stories in every category. Mystery, romance, historical, fantasy, adventure, children’s, sea, war, sport – they want all kinds of stories. They welcome exciting new authors.

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