More Graduate Publishing Success

Gerald Sandrey has enjoyed success with his first book.

His publisher printed 600 copies and they all sold within six weeks.
[That’s worth a round of applause for Gerald. Well done.]

Gerald asked whether he should press the publisher for a reprint, or not. (This is a question which puzzles lots of book authors, both traditional and self-published.) I’m sharing my considered reply here. You might get value from it. Gerald, you have done EXCEEDINGLY WELL with your Mt White Station book.


Enjoy the modest profit you and your publisher made with your first print run. Remember the advice given to vaudeville comedians. “Leave the audience wanting more.”

But it’s time to LEAVE THE STAGE!

I don’t think a reprint will be as profitable as the first run.
You’ve satisfied that market.
All 600 of them.

How about a second book…

“Tales From Mt White Station”

Followed by, perhaps:
“More Tales From Mt White Station”.

The same people who bought the first book (THE LEGEND) will be hot prospects to buy TALES …
Put a clause in:
“Some people say these tales are true. Others say they’re not.
My lips are sealed.
YOU be the judge.”
Now I have a question: “Have you got a LIST of buyers? You can email them and take FORWARD ORDERS. Evaluate how much interest there is.”

Well done, Gerald.

NZIBS Principal - Brian Morris
Brian Morris